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Enjoy your Vacation Wearing the Best Womens Travel Pants and Accessories

Planning a vacation is an exciting time and preparing to visit somewhere you’ve never been before can be a thrilling experience. However, if you’re not prepared to travel, and pack the wrong clothing, that same vacation may turn into a stressful experience. It’s desirable to choose your outfits carefully as the most comfortable, portable clothing can make the difference between a fantastic trip and a fashion disaster.

For example, we carry a full line of lightweight, easy-care travel pants that will ensure your comfort during long journeys. Our goal remains to provide chic women with the clothing they need for their next adventure. Whether you’re headed to the Bahamas, sailing, or planning to trek the great unknown, we’ve got the clothing to keep you comfortable and looking fabulous every step of the way.

Our garments focus on bringing you fashion and style using wearable, reliable fabrics that perform well after each wear and wash. We have a trained team of hand-selected, dedicated staff members who are ready to assist you to choose the perfect garments for your travel.

Enjoy your Next Adventure in Best Travel Pants for Women

When you want to feel, and look your best while travelling, give our renowned travel pants a try. These pants are ideal for travel as they provide adequate coverage and elegance while being transportable and easy to care for right in your hotel room. For example, when you combine the popular VC Pants with a chic tunic, you’ve got a classic outfit that transcends wonderfully from day to evening wear.

These pants are flattering, versatile and the soft, elastic waists ensure easy wear. Available in full or ankle length, wide, narrow, or skinny-leg, you could go from boat to boardroom without an outfit change. Finding the best travel pants for women is easy with Kathleen Berney’s versatile range. From crushed polyester in classic black, white or ink, to vibrant prints, the crushed narrow leg pull-on pants are ideal for work or play.

Our full-length VC Pant with a narrow leg, is also easy to pull on and made from a cotton, nylon, and spandex fabric these pants are so ‘Very Comfortable’ hence the name; VC Pants. This classic style can be dressed up or down and is suitable for any occasion providing you with the ultimate in elegance and comfort.

The VC Pant in Ponti fabric is ideal for cooler weather and boasts all the features you’d require from the best travel pants.

Give us a call today on +61 2 9656 1429 and chat with Kathleen to find out why our customers rely on her unique designs to take them from the poolside to the dinner buffet, without having to change clothing.