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Win a Cardi and a Candle Making Kit

 Enter our competition   10 – 20 August


3 Gift Packs to be Won

Win one of 3 gift packs that includes a designer Cardigan and a beautiful Candle Making Kit

Two fabulous businesses in rural Arcadia, NSW, have got together to offer this exclusive package.

To win simply ‘like’ our Facebook page and ‘share’ the competition post.

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A Fashion Designer and a Candle Maker

Struggling with the issues that face small business these 2 clever businesswomen got their heads together to brainstorm ideas as their businesses grew.

Each helps the other as they face the changes in the marketplace and the changes in technology, moving forward in this very digital age.

Each story is quite different yet both businesses ended up working out of their respective acreages in Sydney’s rural north.







The Cardi Story

Kathleen Berney Fashion

‘What shall I wear?’ How much time do we all spend with this question!

Life has an unexpected way of unfolding. I worked as a textile artist for many years in my secluded studio in the bush in Arcadia.

I did not sit down and decide that I want to be a fashion designer…it evolved out of  many years working with fabric and exhibiting in galleries around Australia and teaching batik and textile dyeing.

I hear over and over again from our customers that their Kathleen Berney clothes are the most comfortable, easy and stylish clothes to wear. And the best clothes for travel. So I am inspired by what I hear.

I am a baby boomer and baby boomers are my target market. I design for our age group. We want to be comfortable, stylish and cover the bumps and lumps.

Obviously other ages wear the label too : my daughter wears plenty from my collections over the years. She too wears Kathleen Berney for travel.

The label is designed and made in Australia and was established over 20 years ago.  Sold in a selection of boutiques and online. Sizes are from S – XXXL

I am still doing some one-off experimental fabric wall pieces which I exhibit, and some other exciting things such as having a sculpture in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, 2015.



The Candle Story

All Australian Candle Making Supplies

AACM’s Story began back in 1996 when Doug and Lynne decided to invest in the future. Lynne left the paid work-force and began the process.

“1999 was a real tree-change, actually uprooting the family and moving to Arcadia, where the business AND the children had room to grow. The business was very small, it was hard to see past the CRAP when you’re deep in it.

I had to throw myself into new technologies, I even asked Doug ‘who would look at my site?’ when we launched our first one back in 1996; there was so much to learn as we moved from the print age to the digital.

Today the business is a leader in the candle making industry, supplying to hobbyists through to manufacturers; teaching the basics in our classroom and educating others on-line.

We constantly source, test, design, create – imagination is our friend. Who’d have thought a business needed that? Our customers appreciate the great level of support; our customer service is second to none.

As the market moves towards ‘greener’ future we have introduced many green options. It is also important to us to include as much Australian product as possible in the range.”

To enter our competition:

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As easy as that and you have entered!

The competition runs from 10-20 August 2017


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