Comfort, Style and Colour – Spring is here August 14, 2017 – Posted in: New Styles

Whether you are travelling,  or at home,  or at work….in fact wherever you are…the right combination of comfort and style is what is needed.

Comfort, style and colour


Denim Eclipse Stylish Plus size crushed

Denim Eclipse Long Pocket Cardi and White Band Cami

What a word: Colour.

And colour to wear.

It creates different images and responses for us all.

I hear from many women that they want colour…. but not too bright,

from others that they want very bright clear prints,

and from others that black and white is colour enough ..

maybe with a highlight  bright necklace and shoes.



Stylish plus size travel clothes

Denim Eclipse Curve Tunic

Colour, but not too bright

The Denim Eclipse Print is the first group for this Spring .

It is colour without being too bright.  Tones of denim with bits of taupe and slivers of white.It works well with the Kathleen Berney VCPANTSUMMER in white or mocha.

Also goes well with Kathleen basics in white and storm ( taupe)

Denim Eclipse print comes in Kathleen Berney classic crushed styles .


Signature Panelling

I love cutting and piecing together fabrics….as a lot of you know..and like.

The Denim Silver Tunic  has my   signature panelling is in the fun patch pocket. A silver button closes the pocket. The elbow length sleeves have a narrow silver band.

If you are after a change from the crush, this is the garment.

Denim silver Tunic Comfortable stylish tunic

Denim Silver Tunic

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