Very comfortable pants May 28, 2017 – Posted in: New Styles

Very comfortable pants

are something I think about a lot. I think about  comfort and style, how to incorporate comfort, style, easy care and something great for travel all in one garment.

Pants are so important

and I am really excited to introduce the first of  some new very comfortable pants : VCPANTS by KATHLEEN BERNEY


  •  Comfort is essential – Whatever you are doing: whether you are sitting on a plane, walking, working, on holidays,  gardening, exercising, or a wonderful combination of these, comfort is essential.
  • Comfort and style – It is hard to be stylish if you are not comfortable. What about combining comfort and style in one garment?
  • Pull-on pants with a soft elastic waist
  • Ponti fabric which is soft, comfortable and stylish.
  • The Kathleen Berney skinny leg VC PANT is an easy pull-on pant, almost a legging, but not super skin tight. It has a soft elastic waist and an angled seam below the knee.
  • The Kathleen Berney narrow leg VC PANT is an easy pull-on pant. It is a narrow straight leg pant and has a soft elastic waist.

“These pants are so comfortable, I basically wear them all the time in the cooler months” says Kathleen.

Fantastic for travelling, and oh, so Very Comfortable.

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