Comfortable Stylish Travel Clothes : a custom designed garment by Kathleen Berney February 15, 2017 – Posted in: Community

One of the winners in our recent competition :

” I always take heaps of  Kathleen Berney  when we travel. The best travel clothes”

Tell us what style of tunic/top is your favourite and why you would love Kathleen Berney to design and make one exclusively for you.

I absolutely love my new Summer ’16 Silver/Black Panel Tunic – it’s one of my favourite styles. I would be thrilled to have Kathleen design a similar one just for me!!!    I’ve been a Kathleen Berney fan for many years & would feel very special if I was lucky enough to win my own exclusive item.
Hi Kathleen,  Very thrilled to get your call today – thank you so much . Some of my favourite designs are the half/half ones, the ones with printed fronts & black backs, the ones with details/odd patterns around the sleeve edge, and also those that have a black back with a printed band along the bottom.

You asked me where I have worn some of my Kathleen Berney pieces so I have also attached a few photos from my travels,  including Santa Barbara USA, Dubai, Grand Canyon, Abu Dhabi & Monterosso in Cinque Terre Italy.

In fact, I wear your pieces almost every day.  Apart from your tunics, I often wear your camis under cardis or other shorter tops.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.Best wishes, Maree.                                                                                                                                                p.s. Forgot to mention I really love the style of your Bags and Shoes Tunic!!

Hi Maree,   Thanks so much for your very informative email…and the fantastic pictures.                                                                                           You do have a great selection, and I am so happy to have chosen you as one of the winners, without having any idea of what a long time Kathleen Berney customer you are! Yes, the bags and shoes print was a great favourite of many . I often get comments about those pieces.  Will get back to you soon re fabrics , trims etc.     Kathleen
Hi Maree , Some ideas..I know you said you don’t like mesh, but .this  particular lace/mesh is not too sheer so good for back yoke and insert at front shoulder and hem. Let me know what you think.  Kathleen

Hi Kathleen, Love the design…thank you, Maree

Hi Maree, That is great to hear!  So we will go ahead. Kathleen

Fabric ideas,working sketch with finished  tunic, and Maree, our very happy tunic winner wearing her new piece.


I first discovered the Kathleen Berney label when I was shopping at Towanda probably 8 – 9 years ago.  Later I found a whole shop full of Kathleen Berney clothing : Reetz boutique in the Strand Arcade in Sydney.  I continued shopping there until the sad day that it closed.  I then had to feed my KB addiction by checking out other stockists.

The reasons I love your label are numerous.  I love the styles, the fit, the colours, the versatility & the fabulous fabrics you use.  I love the fun pieces & the way most items can be dressed up or down.  I like sleeves that just cover the elbows, and a V neck.

They’re also perfect for travelling! I just pack it for every holiday, wherever we go.

I hate ironing, it packs so well, I always take heaps of Kathleen Berney with me.

I can’t think of just one memorable time that I have worn Kathleen Berney because, as I mentioned  previously, I regularly wear your creations!  Sometimes that’s a day out shopping, or a trip with friends, on a cruise, or an exciting adventure somewhere in Australia or overseas.

I’ve worn your more formal pieces to a wedding & I can’t live without your black stud cardis – I have a few.

I’m already looking forward to your next collection & hope there are many more to come!!

Best wishes & kind regards,




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