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We were blown away by so many  great entries into our ‘Win an exclusively designed Kathleen Berney tunic’. So a big thank you to each and every one of you who entered.

It is wonderful for us to hear such gems of insight into what those favourite wardrobe pieces are and what people would love Kathleen to design!

After much deliberation Kathleen selected the following 5 winners:

Maree Stuart – New South Wales

It has been great to hear from Maree how  Kathleen Berney pieces are a wardrobe staple and where they have travelled to:

‘I wear your pieces nearly every day. They have travelled with me to Santa Barbara USA, Dubai, Grand Canyon, Abu Dhabi & Monterosso in Cinque Terre Italy.’


Maree’s winning entry:

‘I absolutely love my new silver/black top – it’s one of my favourite styles. I would be thrilled to have Kathleen design a similar one just for me!!! I’ve been a Kathleen Berney fan for many years & would feel very special if I was lucky enough to win my own exclusive item.’

Kathy Gilmour – Melbourne

We are working closely with Kathy who is full of many creative ideas. Stay tuned for more information!

Kathy’s winning entry:

‘I simply love the free flowing tops with a short, long or half sleeve. I love the plain ones as you can wear them more often. Thank you for being attentive to what a mature woman needs. Simply the best.’

Mary Farrell – New Zealand

Mary is off on a wonderful overseas adventure at the moment. We loved hearing that ‘ EVERYTHING I am packing is by your lovely self, apart from my underwear and swimsuits!!’

Mary’s winning entry:

‘Opium intoxicates me especially in an amal crush v neck swing tunic – the flowing lines of Kathleen’s wonderful pieces of wearable art make me feel young and beautiful again!’

Nicolle Bryan – Tasmania. A wonderful customer of Bliss Boutique.

Nicolle’s winning entry:

‘I think I have an addiction! I have been wearing KB for longer than I care to remember and always get so excited to see another range each season!! And it never disappoints. My favourite tunic is a black and white one with big spots on the front, dips at the sides and lace detail. Perfection. I would feel so lucky to be able to say this was made just for me and know that I will continue to wear it for many years to come. It is a brand that never dates and always remains true to the designer…Kathleen Berney. Thank you for making me feel special and unique in your wonderful clothes!! :)’

Colleen Cutcheon – Gold Coast

Colleen’s winning entry:

‘I absolutely love your clothing and have purchased many styles over the years.  I have a black and white rose top which is many years old now but  I love to wear it. My friend in Toronto wanted to know where she could buy one. The different coloured shoe top is another of my favourites. It is quite funky and after all these years, I still get asked where I bought it. Your fabrics are so good for travelling and of course can be mixed and matched. Kathleen, I would absolutely love anything with label on it. I always feel well dressed in your clothing. Real women need you!’

Over the next 6 weeks Kathleen will be working closely with each of the winners to design and make their exclusive tunic. Stay tuned for behind the scenes updates of this collaborative design process and of course the final pieces!

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