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Packing Tips for Clothing and Where to Find Stylish Travel Clothes That Are Designed and Made in Australia

The less you have to take with you when you travel, the better. Bringing more luggage will cost more if you are flying and make the trip much more crowded if you are driving. Either way, you can lighten your load with a few tips for efficient packing.

Think ahead

Before you pack anything, lay everything out on your bed and assess what you have. This strategy can keep you from accidentally packing two pairs of black flats or three white t-shirts. You can’t catch these mistakes if you pack as you go, so make sure and take the time to see everything all at once before you start placing them in your suitcase.

Choose lighter clothes

Bulky clothing will take up much more space in your luggage. Instead, go for thinner, lighter items, planning layers if it’s going to be chilly. For example, a Kathleen Berney cami and cardi is a better choice for travelling than a thick sweater. You can wear a lightweight sarong as a dress, skirt, shawl, swimsuit coverup, and more, making it a super versatile and easy-to-pack item to have.

Limit shoes

Shoes are space hogs, so scale yours back. All you need for most trips is one pair each of heels and flats. You can wear either one with dresses, pants, skirts, and even shorts. Place shoe heel-to-toe at the bottom of your suitcase or bag, filling them with socks or other small or fragile items to maximise space.

Wear bulky items on the plane

If you’re flying and you don’t have room for something you need, such as a bulky sweater or coat, wear it on the plane. You’ll save room in your luggage, and you’ll stay more comfortable if the plane is cold.

Pack for versatility

Many people make the mistake of packing a separate outfit for each day they’ll be away. However, you can pack much more lightly with a few interchangeable pieces. For example, you could choose a basic colour such as white, brown, or black, and plan to wear the same pair of pants with three different tops, or one jacket with several outfits. The beauty of Kathleen Berney’s easy-to-care-for clothing is that five minutes is all it takes to wash your pants and have them hanging over a chair or bathroom rail ready to wear the next morning.

Choose the fabric that is easy to travel with

Even if you feel fresh and energetic when you land, you won’t look it if your clothes are wrinkled. Look for wrinkle-resistant, quick-dry fabrics such as micro-fibres and washable silk. If you do make it to your destination only to find that your clothes have not escaped unwrinkled, try letting your outfit hang in the bathroom while you shower – the steam will help your clothes look as good as new.

Where to Buy Stylish Travel Clothes That Are Designed and Made in Australia

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