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Travel in Style, Buy Australian-Made Women’s Designer Tunics Online

For the modern, professional woman, dressing for travel can be a challenge, especially if you’re travelling frequently or over long distances. There’s nothing worse than putting on a fun and elegant outfit only to find out that it’s unbearably uncomfortable to sit in for the many hours of a cross-continental flight. You need to look great when you land, but sacrificing comfort throughout the trip isn’t the way to go.

When Kathleen Berney became a women’s clothes designer, she didn’t set out to solve this problem. She just wanted to create stylish and straightforward options that fit women well. What we hear from customers though, is that the Kathleen Berney line of designer tunics is perfect for the professional woman who finds herself crisscrossing Australia and needs something both comfortable and classy to wear.

The Most Comfortable Women’s Tunics Online

So how did we manage to create designer women’s tunics that feel so amazing? One of the secrets is using pre-crushed fabric that keeps its shape throughout your travels. This unique design combines comfort with stability to create an elegantly flowing look which sits quite lightly. The most crucial factor, however, is the care we put into the design of each piece. We want to make something that’s going to serve you well for years to come. This attention to detail in design and sizing makes an enormous difference in comfort.

When it comes to making sure you get the right fit, Kathleen Berney is unmatched among online retailers. Unlike most online shops, we’re available to help you find the right fit and answer any questions you have about the material or designs. Even Kathleen herself is available to help you find something wonderful. From your initial search to the first time you wear your new tunic, we’re here to help. This dedication to customer service is what sets Kathleen Berney’s clothes apart from the rest.

High-Quality Travel Tunics for Women

In addition to comfort, we know you care about quality. That’s why we offer women’s tunics made in Australia. This way, we’re able to ensure the quality of the piece and maintain the standards you expect.

Just like the quality of the clothes, the styles last as well. Classic and straightforward designs mean you can keep wearing your new favourite garments as long as you please. Plus, the crushed material we use creates a unique texture that helps clothing stand out without being garish. We design every piece with a stylish, elegant woman in mind, and it excites us when people find out just how much of a difference a well-designed product can make.

You can see the full collection here and get started now on making your next big trip a much more pleasant experience.