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Your Online Destination for Designer Plus Size Clothing in Australia

Ladies, we all come in different shapes and sizes. And no matter what your size is, we know you want to look your best. While designer plus size clothing might sound like an oxymoron to some, Kathleen Berney has shattered that outdated misconception. One of the reasons Kathleen is such a shining star among Australian plus size designers is that she is also a textile artist! This allows Kathleen to realize that not only does a garment have to be beautifully designed but each piece of clothing needs to be created with the right fabric. Let’s be honest, many of us have some lumps, bumps, and flaws we would like to cover. So why not do this with beautiful clothes that conceal without appearing to do so?

Our Designer Plus Size Clothing

While we have been providing many fine boutiques in Australia and New Zealand with our clothes for over 20 years, we are entering the online market. We have been selling designer plus size clothing online for over 18 months as we are transitioning to online sales. For those who cannot make it to a boutique that carries our designer plus size clothing, Kathleen’s creations are now just a click away. We even offer free shipping across Australia and New Zealand. This is a great convenience to our many customers who travel. Imagine the comfort of your next trip in a range of comfortable, well-fitting, and unique garments.

Plus Size Clothing by Kathleen Berney in Australia

Not only is Kathleen an Australian plus size designer but her clothes are Australian made. That’s right; these gorgeous garments are designed and made in Australia. We take our obligations as an employer of clothing trade workers seriously and with great pride. We are registered with the Industrial Relations Commission and monitored by the Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia. What does this mean for our customers? It says you are getting exceptional quality in this designer plus size clothing range.

We offer everything from fun to casual to elegant. Our clothes can be dressed up or down, giving you options and versatility. There is even a great selection of lovely accessories to complement our tunics, dresses, pants, tops, and cardis. For example, why not pair up a chic wrap with a classic little black dress? If you’re going from the conference room to a plane to dinner, our must-have VC Pants are the perfect option. Not to mention they feel as splendid as they look. This designer plus size clothing range is that perfect balance of fashion and function as we create it with comfort in mind.

If you are looking for all-occasion plus size clothing online look no further than Kathleen Berney. You will love the way you look and feel in our beautiful clothes. Visit us for your new wardrobe and experience service that is as high quality as our products. Find out today why we are one of Australia’s premier plus size designers.