I am virtually outfitted by you for every celebration I perform February 3, 2017 – Posted in: Community

“You make me feel so comfortable and stylish when I dress in your garments”

Designer Kathleen Berney continues to be amazed and touched by the number of Celebrants who wear and love the Kathleen Berney label.

Kathleen recently spoke to one of her wonderful customers – Julie Allen.

Julie is a Celebrant based in Minyama, Qld.

“I now own a lot of Kathleen Berney – many  cardis ( I love the cardis),  tunics,  camis and crush pants. Some go back a few years but I don’t think they date. I do love your brand and so am virtually outfitted by you for every celebration I perform, and of course for other special social outings.

You asked for photos of real people wearing your garments, so I have sent some from my most recent gigs, warts and all.

This new black and white spliced cardi  is  now actually my favourite.


I love this bright one button cardi. It has a  great colour selection! The bright colours lift me every time. I wear it with a big statement lime green necklace , or with discreet purple earrings on other occasions. It is versatile – both for “dress up a bit more formally” situations, or in casual gatherings. Something about that one button with a black cami under, works for me in terms of being slimming.


I loved “One of the Reasons I Do What I Do”. ( in the email sequence about your  story)

Thank you for sharing at a heart level. Your son is now an inspiration to those who wear and love your clothes, as well as for you.

The weaving of the fabric of our lives seems to be a mix of successes and challenges, joys and sorrows, don’t you think?

It means a lot to me that I have glimpses (through your latest emails) of the real, genuine and loving person who is behind the purchases and orders of the things I wear.

Many thanks for the ways in which your creativity enhances my life.”

Julie Allen

Thank you so much Julie for your wonderful feedback and for sharing such great pictures of you wearing pieces from the Kathleen Berney collection at such special occasions!

If you are also a celebrant we would love to hear from you – what your go to clothing pieces are for the celebrations you conduct, and whether you have worn Kathleen Berney before!

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