Kathleen Berney is on the wall again February 13, 2017 – Posted in: Kathleen Berney Artworks


Barometer Gallery, Paddington,Sydney, 8-25 Feb, 2017

Every now and then it is wonderful for me “to be on the wall”


Although as you can see I have still created some garments from parts of the images as well….I can’t help myself!


I am one of a group of 5 textile artists,who view some exhibitions together, discuss creativity and the world in general. We all work with textiles in different ways.

For this exhibition we have each investigated the idea of deconstruction.

Working with traditional textile techniques–in some cases applying these to unconventional materials–each has  questioned and extended their working processes, transforming the familiar into the unfamiliar to create a series of striking and innovative artworks.

The five are : Kathleen Berney, Liz Gemmell, Beth Hatton, Irene Manion, Barbara Rogers




My works in this exhibition began as a large piece of cardboard that I dragged through the bush over rocks and charred remains of wood. I then painted with watercolours and ink over the initial ‘bush imprints’. I took lots of photos of parts of the painting, basically deconstructing it into smaller panels, and then eventually reconstructing the deconstructed images in a different way and digitally printing on silk.

The garments in this exhibition will be available online and in store later in the year.


Barometer Gallery, Paddington, Sydney 8-25 February,2017

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