The Inspiration Behind the Kathleen Berney Autumn Winter 2017 Collection January 28, 2017 – Posted in: Behind The Scenes

Sneak Peak behind the Scenes: Winter 17 Kathleen Berney Collection

Comfort and Style

That is what it is all about. It has been wonderful speaking with, and hearing from so many Kathleen Berney customers. “Kathleen Berney clothes are so comfortable and stylish” is what I hear over and over again.
So many women have told me these are the clothes they pack when they are going away for a trip, and that they wear on the flight.
Comfortable, comfort, easy, relaxed and stylish, is what I hear.

And so you are all part of my inspiration.
Our typical customer is a baby boomer (like me). We want to be stylish, feel good, cover the lumps and bumps….and have some fun!

Ideas : where do they come from ?

I am often asked if I run out of ideas, where do I get my ideas from  and how do I stay inspired.
I find it interesting that ideas lead to more ideas and that being light and free inside, in my attitude, leads to playfulness, which I find leads to more open creative ideas.
Looking back over my creative work in fashion, and long before in fabric collages that I exhibited, I have always love cutting up, and playing with and reassembling fabrics. So for Autumn/Winter 2017 there are some pieced or spliced/panelled together tunics and cardis, as well as the very essential basics in various colours.

Close up of designer Kathleen Berney working on her Winter 2017 collection    Designer Kathleen Berney working on her Winter 2017 range in her studio
I love pondering the magic of ideas. Where do they come from? Where was the idea before it popped into my head? There is nothing more exciting for me than a flash of an idea. And then being able to transform the idea into reality is the great challenge of course.

Other inspiring moments

Well of course, I am a besotted grandmother..what a gift and what a love affair! There is a little table here in the studio with endless bits of fabric for dolls blankets and clothes and cubby houses.

Designer Kathleen Berney's granddaughter sitting at her table in Kathleen's studio    Designer Kathleen Berney's granddaughter looking at a book in Kathleen's design studio

What else is in the pipeline?

There will be some other limited edition launches during the season. I am working on these as well as working on next summer’s collection.
As well as all this I have some totally different work in an exhibition by a group of 5 textile artists. We have each interpreted the theme “ Deconstructed”. This will be at Barometer Gallery in Paddington, Sydney from Feb 8-25. I will have some large wall pieces as well as some garments and scarves. If you are interested I will be in the gallery on Fri 17 and Sat 18 Feb. The gallery has limited opening hours so check Barometer Gallery’s website.

Stay tuned for the release of the first Autumn/Winter styles over the coming weeks. Be the first to know via joining our newsletter or keeping in touch via Facebook and Instagram

stay comfy, stay stylish,


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