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See you at the 29th Arcadian Artists Studio Open Weekend The Artist Trail will be taking place in the beautiful rural fringe of Sydney. Over 50 artists exhibiting at 8 rural properties. It’s like a pub crawl, but a studio crawl! Kathleen Berney’s studio is open as part of the annual Arcadian Artists Open Studio Weekend. Meet Kathleen in her rural studio, browse her current season’s collection and snap up exclusive sale items and samples! You…

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Travel light with Black and White

Kathleen Berney’s new NESSA CARDI is a classic in black and white.

The Nessa Cardi is a  Kathleen Berney signature panelled piece.

Kathleen love creating garments with patches and panels and various fabrics spliced together. From the feedback she gets from customers, they love this look too.

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MOTHERS DAY… all about love

As a mother, a grandmother or a daughter, we have all experienced the depth of mother love. We all know that Mothers Day can get so very commercial…but at its essence is the purest love …and that is what is so very beautiful. I feel very blessed to be a grandmother…. ah ..what a special love. I always buy myself a present for Mothers Day..I think I deserve to treat myself as well as be…

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Comfortable Stylish Travel Clothes : a custom designed garment by Kathleen Berney

One of the winners in our recent competition : ” I always take heaps of  Kathleen Berney  when we travel. The best travel clothes” Tell us what style of tunic/top is your favourite and why you would love Kathleen Berney to design and make one exclusively for you. MAREE STUART   NSW I absolutely love my new Summer ’16 Silver/Black Panel Tunic – it’s one of my favourite styles. I would be thrilled to have Kathleen…

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Kathleen Berney is on the wall again

DECONSTRUCTED Barometer Gallery, Paddington,Sydney, 8-25 Feb, 2017 Every now and then it is wonderful for me “to be on the wall”   Although as you can see I have still created some garments from parts of the images as well….I can’t help myself!   I am one of a group of 5 textile artists,who view some exhibitions together, discuss creativity and the world in general. We all work with textiles in different ways. For this…

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Travel in Kathleen Berney : an excited winner in our tunic competition

  MARY FARRELL NEW ZEALAND Tell us what style of tunic/top is your favourite and why you would love Kathleen to design and make one exclusively for you: Opium intoxicates me especially in a crush v neck swing tunic – the flowing lines of Kathleen’s wonderful pieces of wearable art make me feel young and beautiful again! Dear Mary, Congratulations : you are a winner ! I do know from your entry that your colour…

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