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Finding the Best Plus Size Slim Leg and Narrow Fit Pants for Your Figure


If you have a look at today’s fashion catalogues you will see that slim leg pants are the perfect blend of casual and professional. But sometimes, without the right fabric or perfect cut this style can be intimidating. Fortunately, Kathleen Berney’s narrow leg pants are designed to be the perfect fit for every shape. Finding the right fit is all a matter of knowing what flatters your body regarding structure, materials, and other details such as colour. Here are some things that you can keep in mind to find the right slim leg pants for your figure.

Consider These Tips to Find the Perfect Narrow Fit Pants

The structure is an important detail to think about when choosing a great pair of pants as even a minor detail such as the type of waist on a pair of pants can make a big difference. It can be a good idea to opt for an elastic waistband, as it will mould itself to your waist and prevent any bulging. A soft, flexible waistband is also a much more comfortable option, which is another reason to choose this as an option, especially if you are seeking a pair of pants for everyday wear.

When seeking narrow fit pants, the material of the pants will also factor into how flattering the pants are for your figure. For example, thin and clingy pant material all too easily shows off the parts of your body that you would rather keep hidden. Crushed fabrics are often a great option, especially for casual wear, as they easily hide all your imperfections. When looking for plus size slim leg pants, crushed fabric options are often perfect as they are comfortable, easy to style, and they travel well.

Our Favourite Options at Kathleen Berney

Kathleen Berney has set out to create a range of fashionable clothing options for women, including plus size slim leg pants. With these options, it’s easier for women to find what they need in bottoms, whether they are seeking an elegant pair of narrow fit pants to pair with their favourite top or they are merely seeking a stylish and comfortable pair of pants for everyday wear. Those seeking a more classic silhouette can find soft Ponti materials, cottons, and nylons and more. Not only do these fabrics feel great to the touch, but they don’t wrinkle easily, making them ideal travel wear for the woman on the go.

How to Find Kathleen Berney Clothing

Until now Kathleen Berney has been exclusively available in boutiques around Australia. However, now this line has made the move online, making it simpler for you to find pants and other fantastic plus size clothing from this designer whatever your location in the country. We are confident that you will feel as fabulous as you’ll look in these Australian-made clothes.