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      Why Kathleen Berney

      “What shall I wear?” How much time do we all spend with this question!

      I hear over and over again from our customers that their Kathleen Berney clothes are the most comfortable, easy and stylish clothes to wear. So I am inspired by what I hear.

      I am a baby boomer and baby boomers are my target market. I design for our age group. We want to be comfortable, stylish and cover the bumps and lumps.

      Sizes are from S – XXXL.

      Designed and made in Australia for over 25 years.


      Why, you may ask, is sizing different from one label to another?

      One reason is that many designers start working out their sizes on their own bodies, and then continue on from this.

      This is what happened with the Kathleen Berney label.

      I started out making the M fit myself so size M is a generous size 12, so, consequently our sizes are generous. This seems crazy but it is true!


      Our signature permanently crushed fabric is so comfortable to wear, and so easy to care for.

      Great for covering the bumps and lumps and perfect for every day or travel (obviously local travel for now).

      When holidaying and travelling, this is how easy it is to care for your crushed Kathleen Berney clothes:
      Just cold wash in basin, squeeze out excess moisture, hang garment over a chair or shower rail, and let it dry. It'll be ready to wear the next day!

      Cocktail Dress On Kathleen and Black Tee Top Designed and made in Australia

      Our philosophy


      Comfortable, stylish, easy and flattering.

      The best clothes for travelling... locally for now of course.

      Focus on what older women want from their clothes:
      Cover the arms and hips, and long lasting.

      We have so many customers who say they have Kathleen Berney clothes they are still wearing after 15 years.


      The Kathleen Berney label has been sustainably made in Australia for over 25 years.

      Our studio and office is on our family’s rural property on the outskirts of Sydney. Our business has always run using solar power and fresh rainwater for all our water needs, including for any fabric washing.

      All used pattern paper, cotton, silk and bamboo fabric scraps all go into our large compost heaps.

      Leftover fabrics are panelled together and made into scarves. Everyone in our supply chain is fairly paid and all our garments are completely made in Australia and always have been.

      Read more about how our clothes are made here.

      About Kathleen

      Since the mid 1990’s I have been designing and working from my rural studio on our family property on the outskirts of Sydney.

      Life has an unexpected way of unfolding. I worked as a textile artist for many years before the fashion label evolved. I did not sit down and decide that I want to be a fashion evolved out of my many years working with fabric and exhibiting in galleries around Australia and teaching batik and textile dyeing.

      I am still doing some one off experimental wall pieces and some other crazy things such as having a sculpture in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, 2015.

      Head to our blog to read all about Kathleen's adventures.

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      Cocktail Dress And Pants With Black Tee Top
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      Designed and made in Australia

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