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      Why re-crushing?

      If you have worn a Kathleen Berney garment for many many years, the ‘crush’ in the fabric can loosen and not look as fresh.

      After 25 years in the business there are a lot of Kathleen Berney garments in a lot of wardrobes.

      I know from many of you that you still wear pieces that you have had for 10 or 15 years or longer.

      After this length of time and a lot of wear the ‘crush’ can loosen and drop out a bit.

      Our re-crushing service

      Rather than discarding the garment and adding to landfill, we are now able to ‘re-crush’ it for you and give it a fresh new look.

      Here’s how it works

      If you would like one of your old Kathleen Berney garments re crushed this is what to do:

      When you order a full priced garment, just put a customer note on your order saying that you are posting us an old Kathleen Berney garment to be ‘re-crushed’.

      Please note: this service is only applicable with the purchase of a full price garment, and not with any coupon, sale, or other discount.

      It will then be ‘re-crushed’ and posted to you with your new purchase at no additional charge.

      (Approx: 2 week turnaround.)


      Not all garments can be re-crushed. We can only re-crush garments that have originally been crushed.

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