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It’s All About the Pleat this Year – From the Pleated Scarf to the Wrap and Bag

If you’re in search of one of the best new trends to hit stores lately, then look no further. While understated in its elegance, pleated textiles can make a significant impact when it comes to the way they change the appearance of everything from scarves and wraps to bags and much more. That’s why this is one of our favourites. Today, let’s look at the pleat wrap, pleated scarf, pleated bag and other similar items and how you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

What Makes the Pleat Wrap, Bag or Scarf Stand Out

Understated as it may be, a pleat wrap can make a significant impact when compared to other similar fashion accessories. Textures are quickly becoming the fashion world’s answer when seeking a way to create unique and memorable pieces, an alternative to overly bold prints or adornments such as gems or sequins. Using beautiful textures such as crushed fabrics or pleated materials creates a visual impact while still allowing for a considerable amount of versatility in the item itself.

For example, you can use a seemingly simple red pleated scarf in numerous ways. You can wear it with your favourite little black dress for an evening out or with a fun top and pants for a cosy and comfortable everyday look. It’s just this kind of adaptability that has led to this item becoming an on-trend item as of late, and we don’t expect pleated accessories to be on their way out anytime soon.

Finding Pleated Accessories with Kathleen Berney

At Kathleen Berney, we’ve taken note of this trend and integrated it into our line-up of fun, comfortable and fashionable items. You can find a pleated bag to take with you when traveling or to use daily, or you can find a simple wrap to help complete your look. There are endless possibilities, and everything that we have available works with the rest of the clothing available in our collection.

Various colours and colour combinations mean you can find precisely what you need to complete your look, or you can stock up on scarves, wraps, and bags, so you always have go-to items to help accent your looks and make sure that every outfit is always complete. With new scarves and other accessories continuously coming in, you’ll always have the incentive to keep checking in to see what’s available throughout the year.

Shop Online or in a Boutique Today

You can still find Kathleen Berney available in boutiques across Australia, but now you can also see the entirety of the product range, from our accessories to our beautiful and elegant plus size clothing, on our site. Pleated accessory items such as scarves, wraps, and bags are kept all together online, making it simple for you to browse for the latest and the greatest in these fun and chic new looks, whether you’re shopping for a gift or you just want to pick up a little something special for yourself.