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Australia’s Source for Plus Size Travel Clothes and Pants for Women

Comfortable plus size travel clothes might seem like a dream, but they aren’t. Kathleen Berney has made this possible with her stylish line that is proving to be a smash hit with the women of Australia. As we understand most of our customers travel frequently, we insist that they look fabulous while they are on the move. To us, one should never sacrifice fashion for function as our plus size travel clothes for women feel as fantastic as they look. As a designer and a textile artist, Kathleen can find that fabulous balance of a flawlessly cut garment paired with the perfect fabric to bring it to life.

Plus Size Travel Pants

Whether you are on land, sea, or in the air; travel is an adventure. And when you are on an adventure don’t you want to be comfortable so you can thoroughly enjoy the journey? Our casual, comfortable plus size travel pants are just the “ticket” for any voyage and under any circumstances. From bright fun prints to some elegant black pants we have you covered for all events during your travels. Even better, our plus size travel wear is incredibly versatile. You can mix and match pieces from our line to dress up or down, being ready for any setting at a moment’s notice.

Our Premier Plus Size Travel Wear

While one can find Kathleen’s clothes in a selection of boutiques around Australia, we are branching out to offer our plus size travel clothes online. We began our online venture 18 months ago and as a bonus offer free shipping across Australia and New Zealand. These garments will keep you travelling in style and with the comfort to match. After all, there is no reason you can’t look and feel fantastic on even the longest flights. Our comfortable plus size travel wear is also incredibly easy to care for – yet another convenience for women on the go.

Kathleen caters to all sizes from small to XXXL. Our website offers customer testimonials about the quality and comfort of our clothing. We are very proud of the feedback praising the cut, colour, fabrics, convenience, and style of these plus size travel outfits. Easy care is a definite plus as our clothing NEVER needs ironing thanks to the crushed fabrics. For those who need to hide a few lumps and bumps, these items can do so effortlessly and discretely. A person will only see you looking lovely in your beautifully cut, yet comfortable ensembles on your travels. This is how attention is drawn away from flaws.

Not only will you feel great in our plus size travel wear but you can feel good about purchasing them. That’s because Kathleen’s items are designed and made in Australia. Rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product manufactured under good practices monitored by the Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia. If you are looking for casual yet elegant clothes that are the perfect travelling companion, experience Kathleen Berney’s creations today.