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Tips for Wearing Wide Leg Pants and Where to Find Stylish Plus Size Clothing in Australia

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your wardrobe, wide leg pants could be just the piece you need. Wide leg pants are flattering on all body types, and a great pair in basic black will look great with an endless range of camisoles, sweaters, blazers, and more. These versatile pants look and feel amazing on all body types so that anyone can find their perfect pair. Here are a few tips for wearing adding wide leg pants to your wardrobe now.

Choose a neutral colour

Wide leg pants can be tricky to pull off when made from bold colours or loud patterns. Kathleen Berney offers beautiful black wide leg pants that are easy to dress up or down for any look you desire.

Pare down your top

Beware of wearing a loose-fitting, long top with a pair of wide-leg pants, as this look can add bulk. Try tucking your top in and adding a smart jacket for a stylish look. On the other hand, wide leg pants and a loose top can be extremely comfortable and create a natural, soft look, so if you like it, embrace it.

Try the look in any of our pants

Wide leg pants have a nicely tailored look that works for both business casual and weekend looks. You can dress wide leg pants up or down by pairing them with flats, or high heels, and adding a dressier or more casual top.

Go monochromatic

Choosing one colour head to toe provides a flattering and beautiful silhouette. Whether you go for grey, black, white, or another colour, this look is an easy go-to that anyone can wear.

Consider our VC Pants

To add a little something different to your wardrobe, try out a pair of VCSummer cropped pants. They don’t need to be fully flared; a straight leg or slightly wide leg will work, too. Either way, look for a pair that falls to one to three inches above the ankle for the best look. In addition to our VCSummer cropped pants, we also offer our VC pants in ponti, perfect for cooler weather.

Where to Buy Plus Size Wide Leg Pants in Australia

If you’d like to add a pair (or three) of plus size wide leg pants to your wardrobe, Kathleen Berney can help. We offer a variety of wide leg pants in plus size for today’s woman. We pride ourselves on high-quality clothes that are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for travel. We also offer outstanding customer service, and we love helping our customers feel great about themselves in beautiful clothing made just for them. For over 20 years, we’ve been offering our fashions in stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we are proud to now offer online shopping for your convenience. Feel free to chat with Kathleen or her long-time assistant, Michelle, if you have any questions or comments or need any advice – our friendly team is here to help.