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Kathleen Berney Face Mask

 The accessory none of us knew we needed

Buy 1 for $15 or 3 for $39.


 This mask is made in Australia from 3 layers of cotton.


Our reusable masks don’t claim to be medical grade and they shouldn’t be considered your only form of protection against COVID-19. Good hygiene, social distancing and getting tested, even if you have minor symptoms, together with wearing a face mask in public, in accordance with official recommendations, is the best way to help reduce the spread of coronavirus.


 For glasses wearers


Around the world, bespectacled folk have become acquainted with an unfortunate downside of face masks : foggy lenses.

Glasses wearers have bemoaned the phenomenon on social media, with others sharing their clever solutions.

Among them is New York eye doctor Jennifer Tsai who shared 3 methods of overcoming foggy lenses.


The first involves placing a folded tissue under the top of the mask to create a barrier between the wearer’s breath and their specs.


The tissue trick is proving a go-to among glasses wearers, whose lenses are fogging up when they wear masks.


She also suggested using surgical tape at the top of the mask to seal off any gaps around the bridge of the nose and under eye area.


The third option is spritzing a mix of baby shampoo and water onto the lenses, then rinsing them with water and drying before wearing with a face mask.


Good luck!

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