Travel light with Black and White February 13, 2018 – Posted in: Travel

Black and White is always right

Kathleen Berney’s new NESSA CARDI is a classic in black and white.

The Nessa Cardi is a  Kathleen Berney signature panelled piece.

Kathleen love creating garments with patches and panels and various fabrics spliced together. From the feedback she gets from customers, they love this look too.

Cardis…such a useful garment….the black and white Nessa Cardi can be dressy or casual…great to throw into your bag and as it is permanently crushed it will always  look perfect.


 Travel light with Black and White


The spliced Nessa Cardi is a great highlight piece.

  • An easy and stylish piece to take with you when you are travelling.
  • Why not travel super light with a limited Black and White wardrobe.
  • Looks great over a  black or white cami, tunic or dress.
  • Wear with Kathleen Berney Narrow Leg Crushed Pants in black or white.
  • Made in Kathleen’s signature crushed fabric, so ridiculously easy to care for.
  • Just cold wash and hang to dry. If you are away, hand washes in the sink, squeeze excess moisture out with a towel and hang to dry over shower rail or chair.
  • Travel light with black and white .
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