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Travel Tips: Staying Comfortable and Stylish When You Travel and Where to Buy Loose Wide Leg Pants and Trousers Online

If you love to travel, you know the importance of dressing comfortably and practically while still looking your best. It’s hard to know what to wear (even if you know the weather forecast at your destination) because the plane might be too warm or too cold, or your driving partner might like the temperature higher or lower than you do. The good news is that you can be comfortable and stylish on your next holiday with the following tips.

Let comfort be your priority

Many comfortable clothes also look fantastic. There’s no reason to sacrifice comfort just because you also want to look good. Let comfort be your guide when choosing clothes to travel in, and among these comfortable clothes, find the ones you love. For example, you can stay comfortable for a long time in a nice pair of wide leg pants with a cami and cardi from Kathleen Berney.

Choose layers

Because you won’t know what the temperature will be on the plane, it’s best to prepare for any eventuality. You can ensure your comfort whether it’s freezing or sweltering by wearing layers. For example, you could layer a camisole or tank under a tunic with a cardigan or jacket. This look works for a variety of styles and pairs well with leggings, loose pants, or whatever you enjoy wearing the most.

Go easy on accessories

Keeping your accessories to a minimum accomplishes a couple of different objectives. First, it makes getting through security faster because you’ll have less to remove. Secondly, it allows you to travel with fewer items, keeping your unpacking and repacking simpler. Instead of going all out, stick to a statement piece, or one or two things you can remove and put back on easily and quickly.

Keep your hair and makeup simple

After hours of travelling, you probably won’t look your best anyway, and hours spent applying makeup and fixing your hair will likely end up wasted. If you need to sleep on the move, a complicated hairstyle won’t make it. Stick to a simple style and a few makeup basics such as eyeshadow, mascara, and lip balm.

Where to Buy Loose Wide Pants and Other Travel Essentials

At Kathleen Berney, we focus on providing our customers with the great travel clothing they need, such as wide leg trousers and comfortable, stylish cardigans. For over 20 years, we’ve been wholesaling our clothes to over 100 Australian and New Zealand boutiques, and now, you can buy our quality fashions online. Choose from pants, tunics, cardis, camis, scarves, and more. Our clothes go from casual to dressy with no problem and keep you comfortable and stylish from day to day. We love helping our beautiful customers feel great about themselves – check out our selection and get ready to enjoy your wardrobe.