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Australian Designer Wants to Change the Way Plus Size Womens Tunics Are Sold Online

As the world becomes more digital every day, online shopping has become the norm for most. It’s convenient, private, and provides you with a broader range of options than just walking into a store. Some things, however, just don’t translate to the digital marketplace well.

Clothing is one area where online shopping can come with pitfalls. Not being able to try on clothes before you buy them and compare different options in-store makes it a challenge to find clothing that fits well and looks good. If you’re shopping for plus size options, it can be even more difficult to find the right fit just by looking through an online inventory. That’s why Australian designer Kathleen Berney wants to change the way you shop online.

For Kathleen, clothing isn’t just about finding something that does the job. No, the tunic you order should fit right, feel comfortable, and give you the confidence that comes with dressing well. It turns out you don’t have to go out to the store to get all this from the clothes you buy.

Kathleen Wants to Hear from You

Kathleen Berney loves designing womens clothing. After starting out as a textile artist, exhibiting all over Australia and becoming intimately familiar with textile arts, her work evolved. Soon, she was working as a womens clothes designer full time, dedicating her many talents to creating beautiful and elegant styles for all sizes. While the business has expanded to the online marketplace, the Kathleen Berney spirit remains. As part of this ethos, Kathleen herself is available to chat with you, help you make decisions about what to wear, and answer any questions about the products offered in the Kathleen Berney line.

So, if you’re looking for plus size tunics online in Australia but want a more personal and involved buying experience, Kathleen Berney’s collection of fashionable pieces is the place to start! This way, you can maintain the comfort and privacy of shopping from home while getting the in-store customer service experience you’ve been missing.

Find the Plus Size Designer Tunics You’ve Been Looking For

We design each piece in our collection with care and attention, so you can be sure that the clothes you get are going to look and feel great. We know how difficult it can be to find stunning outfits that fit well and don’t sacrifice comfort, so when it comes to creating quality plus size clothing, we’re in this with you.

Just look at the womens plus size tunics that Kathleen Berney offers and you’ll see how these clothes balance feeling and style to create something amazing. No matter what you decide on, the plus size tunic you get online is going to look just as good at home. Plus, if you need help choosing, want an additional opinion, or have questions about materials, cuts, or anything else, the Kathleen Berney team is here to help.